Month: May 2016

Bet You’re Glad You’re Not The Chief Compliance Officer At Theranos!

Anyone wanting to take a swipe at their compliance department should pay close attention to Theranos.  This once high-flying unicorn is getting hammered. For those not aware.  Theranos (with a reported private valuation of $9 billion), publicly stated that their

Regulators Gone Wild

In 2013 the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission slapped an energy company with two separate $500,000 fines for a natural gas explosion that killed five people in Allentown. You know, killed.  As in dead. These are people just like those from

How To Say NO And Still Feel The LOVE

If you’ve read my previous posts your familiar with what I refer to as the “Compliance Effect”. Often, as compliance professionals, people are not always happy to see us when we walk in the room. They noticeably shrink in their