What to find out more about youCompli? How we keep up with all the latest regs and policies? Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions and start taking your compliance management to the next level.

What is youCompli?

youCompli is a completely new way of managing and executing regulatory compliance.

What is new about it?

Our experts translate the regulations for you. The system provides business requirements; actionable information designed to help you comply much easier, much quicker, and much less expensively.

How do I know the requirements are any good?

Our Expert Compliance Professionals (or ECPs) are trained and tested before they can use the system to create requirements. Additionally, once completed every requirement is reviewed and validated by a nationally known law firm.

How frequently are requirements published?

As soon as a new Regulation has been enacted our ECPs will start to build the requirements. Once they’ve been validated by the law firm, they get published.

How do I get the Requirements?

youCompli will email, you. You log-in and if the requirement comes from a regulation that’s relevant to you download the requirement.

How do I use the requirement in my organization?

youCompli includes a fully-functional, configurable, workflow manager. You will use the manager to assign, manage, monitor, validate and report on all activities associated with complying.

Can I use the workflow portion of the system for managing my existing regulatory process?

Yes, you can enter your own regulations/requirements/process etc.

What types of regulations will you deliver in the system?

Our goal is to provide all clinical (regulations you are subject too due to your role as a healthcare provider) and non-clinical (regulations you are subject too due to your role as an organization). This will take some time.

How long will it take till you publish requirements?

This is difficult to answer as the size, complexity and other factors (emergency regulation) must be considered. Our content generation teams (ECPs & the law firm) are heavily incentivized to build requirements as quickly as possible while not sacrificing accuracy.

How do I get started?

To learn more about how youCompli can help, you can schedule a meeting.