How to Create Champions of Healthcare Compliance   

jay anstine compliance champions

From fostering a culture of accountability to providing robust training programs, this insightful piece offers practical steps to enhance compliance, reduce risks, and ensure patient safety. Discover how organizations can navigate the complex regulatory environment and cultivate a workforce committed to upholding the highest standards of compliance. Read the full article for a comprehensive roadmap to success in healthcare compliance.

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Anti-Kickback Statute Enforcement in Healthcare 

cj wolf anti kickback statute in healthcare

The recent surge in healthcare fraud has prompted heightened enforcement of the Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS). Government agencies are cracking down on illegal financial arrangements that jeopardize patient care. This article explores the significance of AKS enforcement, the impact on healthcare providers, and strategies for compliance in an evolving regulatory landscape.

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Compliance officer effectiveness takes a special blend of skills 

Compliance officer effectiveness takes a special blend of skills Sharon Parsley, JD, MBA, CHC, CHRC

Highly effective board committees know their oversight responsibilities. After a four-year investigation, Caremark pled guilty to felony mail fraud and entered into numerous settlement agreements. The primary allegation was that the board failed to make reasonable inquiries and take appropriate action to prevent certain systemic compliance failures.

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