The Health Care Compliance Institute is back to in person at the end of March, and YouCompli will be there!

We’re presenting the panel discussion “Reducing Healthcare Risk with Strong Regulatory Change Management” on Wednesday, March 30 at 1:45 MDT. The Health Care Compliance Institute panel includes healthcare compliance consultants Shawn DeGroot and Ken Zeko and New York Presbyterian’s Chuck Mazur. They’ll discuss how healthcare Compliance functions support the overall wellbeing of their organizations. Attendees will hear how they can:

  • Identify best practices for navigating regulatory change management in your organization
  • Elevate their skills in leading through influence
  • Connect compliance mandates to patient care, business objectives and reduced risk

The panel will discuss some of the challenges of effective regulatory change management. They’ll look at the risks an organization takes when it doesn’t support regulatory change management. And they’ll suggest ways for effectively navigating organizational complexity.

Their insights are backed up with industry data that YOU provided in our survey recently. Insights from your peers illustrate how compliance pros work in and influence across their organizations. The data also looks at metrics you’re using to show the effectiveness and value of your Compliance function.

If you can’t attend the event, we’ve got you covered: The session will be recorded and available from HCCA after the event. Plus, we will summarize the discussion and insights from the survey in early April. If you are at the event, be sure to visit Jerry and the team at booth #317 in the exhibit hall and come see the panel discussion.

26th Annual Health Care Compliance Institute

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Health Care Compliance Institute panel - Shawn DeGroot, Ken Zeko and Chuck Mazur discuss how healthcare Compliance functions support the overall wellbeing of their organizations.

About YouCompli

YouCompli is the only healthcare compliance solution combining actionable, legal and operational regulatory analysis with a simple SaaS workflow. Our compliance experts distill the complex regulatory changes issued by every healthcare regulator into a straightforward action plan that is completed within YouCompli software. The software guides users through a simple workflow to assign, manage, and track the rollout and completion of applicable regulatory requirements.

This one-two punch of intelligence and technology protects the whole organization and puts compliance officers at ease.

The Results Are In: What the Data Say About the Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Compliance

We keep hearing that COVID-19 changed everything, especially in healthcare. But actual data is pretty thin on the ground.

Mostly, we’ve been hearing anecdotes and stories, many of which are striking. The problem with stories is that they can be unique or unusual, and without the context of clear data, we can’t really tell.

Last week, we got some data.

In May, the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) and the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) surveyed their audiences on the impact of COVID-19 on their organizations and their work. They received 300 responses, have collated the results, and there are some interesting trends. You can read the full survey results here.

Confirming What We Knew

Some trends are unsurprising, and confirm what we already knew. Survey respondents said they had concerns about the increased risk of compliance failures as a result of the pandemic.

  • 77% expected that there would be some increase, or a great increase, in compliance failures.

It’s also unsurprising to see that healthcare saw more of an increase in the number of inquiries being made of the compliance team.

  • 42% reported an increase in healthcare
  • 30% reported an increase outside of healthcare

Given the number of healthcare-related regulatory waivers and temporary changes that have been issued, this makes total sense.

Positively, collaboration with other departments has been largely unaffected or increased during the pandemic. Compliance is still seen as really valuable to the organization as a whole. The numbers range from 83% to 96% of respondents reporting that collaboration has stayed the same or increased (depending on department).

Differences for Healthcare Compliance

The data also show some surprising trends, specifically related to healthcare compliance.

We know that there has been a huge shift to remote work. The surprising aspect is that the shift is very different between healthcare compliance and compliance elsewhere.

  • In healthcare, 60% reported working remotely
  • Outside of healthcare, 84% reported working remotely

This gap is big, and hard to explain. Working in healthcare institutions would, presumably, increase the risk of being exposed to the virus. It would have been reasonable to expect that healthcare institutions would do as much as possible to try to get their non-clinical staff set up to work effectively off-site.

What’s even more surprising is that healthcare professionals are less likely to report that the transition to remote work has gone well.

  • In healthcare, 47% said the transition had gone better than expected
  • Outside of healthcare, 64% said the transition had gone better than expected

The survey doesn’t indicate why this is so. Speculating a little, it could be that the disruption in moving to a remote office, coupled with the sudden influx of regulatory changes, made it more difficult for healthcare compliance professionals to manage their day-to-day work. If this is true, it would also explain why healthcare institutions were less likely to transition compliance professionals to remote work.

There’s another difference between healthcare and other types of organizations, and this suggests things will be difficult for compliance professionals going forward into 2021. In relation to budgets:

  • In healthcare, 40% reported a budget reduction
  • Outside of healthcare, 31% reported a budget reduction

In short, budget reductions are coming to compliance, as they are going to come to other parts of the healthcare system. (If they aren’t already in place.) As COVID-19 related waivers and suspensions start to expire, compliance is going to have to find a way to do more with fewer resources.

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youCompli Team Heads to HCCA Compliance Institute 2020

Update: Unfortunately, the 2020 HCCA Compliance Institute has been cancelled by the HCCA. Read more on their website here:

It’s that time of year again – time for the HCCA’s Compliance Institute!

The youCompli team is heading to the heart of country music, Nashville. And nothing says country music like the star of our video. (Hint: Come by and say “Hello Dolly”)

Compliance “Dolly” will be at our booth on March 30th, from 11am to 7pm. Stop by, say “hi”, and get a picture!

You can find us at Booth #618. And, if you book (and attend) a demo of our solution, you’ll receive, absolutely free, one of these fine T-shirts. (We don’t want to spoil your fun – the demo can be done after the show!)

youCompli helps you and your team ensure compliance and increase efficiency, so patient care stays front and center. Stay on top of changes, keep your team organized, and always know what compliance activity is (and isn’t) going on.

See you in Nashville!