The Why, What, Who, and When of Healthcare Risk Assessments  

sharon parsley reasons for healthcare risk assessments

Healthcare risk assessments are essential for patient safety and compliance. By understanding the why, what, who, and when of risk assessments, healthcare organizations ensure high-quality care in a safe environment. In this article, Sharon Parsley discusses risk assessment from a “why, what who, and when” perspective. She also looks at ways that you, as an effective compliance officer, can lead this process with your colleagues.

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Healthcare Compliance is Everyone’s Business: Legal, Internal Audit, Human Resources and Quality

compliance is everyone's business in healthcare - sharon parsley

Compliance must build relationships with these healthcare functions – Legal, Internal Audit, Human Resources and Quality. Here are suggestions on how to effectively build relationships and collaborate with them to help achieve their goals.

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Preparing for the End of the Public Health Emergency

Changes to PHE waivers for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiary patients YouCompli

Changes to PHE waivers and recommendations for hospitals. Compliance must assist and advise on policy, process, contractual, and operational changes by May 2023.

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