youCompli Team Heads to Compliance Institute


The youCompli team is looking forward to heading to Boston for the HCAA’s Compliance Institute from April 7-10. The HCAA calls this event the single most comprehensive healthcare compliance conference. That’s why we think it’s a terrific chance to learn more from our colleagues in specialties such as Healthcare Reform, Hospital Physician Alignment, and Compliance Effectiveness.

Why Go to Compliance Institute?

Diana Nyad

Two of the discussion tracks we anticipate exploring include  “Culture is King: Strategies for Developing and Maintaining a Culture of Ethics and Compliance” and “Can’t We All Just Get Along? Physician Satisfaction and Compliance Are Not Mutually Exclusive In Physician Arrangements.” We’ll be blogging about our impressions of these discussions and other observations at the conference as well. Stay tuned.

In addition, we can’t wait to hear from the incredible lineup of speakers, including, Diana Nyad the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a shark cage, swimming 111 miles in fifty-three hours from Havana to Key West.

Renee Baine


We also envision learning so much from Renee Baine, with Shriner’s Hospital for Children, who supports many areas, such as research, revenue cycle, and the business associate programs for Shriners Hospital for Children’s twenty-two facilities.

Scott Eblin


Scott Eblin actually wrote a book, Overworked and Overwhelmed, which we’re sure a encapsulates how many of our customers and potential customers feel about their day to day workload. We can’t wait to hear Scott’s advice and message as well.

So you can see why we are excited to listen, learn and showcase how we can help.

Are you planning to attend, too? Let’s meet. We’ll be scheduling 10-minute in-person demo’s of our software at the conference. You can click here to schedule yours, right now.

With youCompli, you and your team can ensure compliance and increase efficiency, so patient care stays front and center, always, no matter how many reg changes come your way. Isn’t this the key reason why we choose to work in healthcare in the first place?

youCompli makes complying with regulatory changes Easier, Faster and Reliable

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