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jay anstine - service minded approach

Three Ways to Take a Service-Minded Approach to Compliance

“We’re continually being asked for advice to help our healthcare leaders. Essentially, we are acting as a customer service representative. For that reason, if you want to improve the culture of compliance and get those leaders’ buy-in, then make sure you’re delivering great service when consulting to them.”

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sharon parsley project management methodologies for healthcare compliance

Project Management Methodologies for Healthcare Compliance 

“As a compliance officer, you undoubtedly manage a multitude of simultaneous projects of different scope, size, and duration. It isn’t always easy, but it is worthwhile to continuously evaluate your project management methodologies and look for ways to enhance your skill set.”

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significant upcoding risks emerge with medicare advantage

Significant Upcoding Risks Emerge with Medicare Advantage

Christi Grimm, the Inspector General of HHS, gave a recent keynote address to compliance professionals. In it, she said, “Simply put, the financial incentives created by risk adjustment may be driving upcoding in the severity of diagnoses to garner additional payments.”

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telehealth enforcement cj wolf

Telehealth Enforcement Actions

“It behooves all healthcare compliance professionals to be aware of the fraud, waste and abuse risks associated with telehealth services. This mode of delivery holds great promise. For it to fulfill that promise, non-compliance needs to be rooted out and corrected.”

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