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Affordable Pricing

Only pay for what you need

The price of YouCompli’s solution scales with your needs and with the size of your hospital, health services organization, or insurance business. Prices start at $300 per month, and you only pay for what you need. All our clients experience a strong ROI within a few months of implementation. 

Whether you are a Compliance, RevCycle, or Legal professional, our software solution helps you prove your healthcare regulatory change management compliance. YouCompli offers the only healthcare compliance solution combining actionable, regulatory analysis and a simple SaaS workflow. Our compliance experts distill the complex regulatory changes issued by every healthcare regulator into straightforward action plans validated by Horty Springer, the nation’s leading healthcare compliance law firm. 

Our solution then guides users through a simple workflow to assign, manage, and track the rollout and completion of regulatory requirements. Our reporting and analytics help you and your teams communicate with regulators, auditors, and your Board. With YouCompli, you can prove your compliance. 

License compliance management system

Affordable and easy solution

Software that is expertly designed for simplicity

Competing software is a patchwork of acquired and semi-integrated applications, cumbersome features, and unnecessary companion bundles. In contrast and following our strategic methodology, YouCompli is a purpose-built healthcare compliance management system.

And it’s easy to use. YouCompli requires only 15 minutes of training to get started, and we provide complimentary training classes several times a week.

simplify compliance with a healthcare compliance management system

Intelligence-driven software

healthcare compliance software one-two punch
We combine people-driven intelligence with a technology-driven workflow
YouCompli is the only company that tackles the healthcare compliance burden from both sides: Knowing what to do and getting the work done. Our unique SaaS solution combines regulatory analysis from our compliance experts within a compliance workflow designed by our software engineers. This bilateral healthcare compliance management system brings unprecedented simplicity to healthcare organizations across the United States.
YouCompli is more than just a regulatory feed
Other companies stop at automated feeds of regulatory source content. YouCompli enriches our primary research with regulatory analysis, digests of the practical implications, decision criteria for your organization, and model procedures to achieve compliance.
Quality software based on YouCompli’s Compliance Lifecycle Methodology

Before writing a single line of code for our healthcare compliance management system, our team developed the Compliance Lifecycle Methodology (CLM) to guide product development and to align our solution with the OIG’s 7 Elements of an Effective Compliance Program.

  1. Identify and document new regulations
  2. Assess relevance
  3. Translate into the activities required to comply
  4. Communicate requirements to stakeholders
  5. Execute activities required to comply
  6. Monitor and verify that required activities are completed
  7. Demonstrate the actions taken within the CLM

This simple Compliance Lifecycle Methodology is automated within YouCompli’s regulatory workflow software, yielding unprecedented confidence in compliance.

“Our purchasing committee evaluated several compliance products and quickly discovered that YouCompli is in a class all its own. Nobody else combines the professional research and work product of compliance experts with simple software to get the work done.”


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