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The only healthcare compliance solution that puts compliance officers at ease

Healthcare service providers face unique challenges – especially when creating an effective compliance program. 

Good compliance programs play a major role in mitigating their organization’s risk of audits, fines, disruptions and reputational damage. What’s more, every physician and hospital knows the importance of having a program like this that can effectively: 

  • Be aware of, and monitor, potentially thousands of new/updated/revised regulations from a variety of federal and state sources 
  • Determine the applicability of those regulations to their organization 
  • Decide how operations need to evolve to comply with those regulations 
  • Execute on those organizational change plans, and ensure the new policies and procedures become standard operating practice moving forward 
  • Keep records of all actions, so they can prove compliance if/when audited 

But it’s not easy to build and maintain a compliance program like this. It can be even tougher when provider systems are comprised of different organization types across multiple locations. 

YouCompli can help. We have the only healthcare compliance solution combining actionable regulatory analysis with a simple SaaS workflow. This one-two punch of intelligence and technology protects the whole organization, puts compliance officers at ease, and enables program management and coordination across geographies from a single pane of glass. For more details, visit here.

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