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Finally, a reporting suite that enables healthcare compliance professionals to save time/resources, better manage risk, and articulate the value of their efforts to their organizations’ senior leadership.

The YouCompli platform provides a suite of reports that bring more value to organizations.

These reports improve compliance’s ability to monitor regulatory compliance within their organizations, and report on it in real-time. Users can:

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Gauge and quantify potential areas of risk related to incomplete regulatory requirement assignments.

Identify volume of regulatory requirements by department to evaluate impact on organizational resources (time, staff, planning, etc.).

Quickly respond to requests related to organizational compliance activities.

Identify and assign specific individuals responsible for completion of regulatory requirements.

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Track progress and on-time completion of all regulatory requirements.

Verify that regulatory requirements have been acted upon within the organization.

Integrate regulatory risk assessments scores into reporting to prioritize regulatory compliance efforts

Manage it all from a single pane of glass, eliminating processes and countless hours of manually tracking data and compiling updates.

All reports are filterable, searchable, downloadable, and exportable. In more detail, they are:

“The capabilities these reports bring will definitely elevate your program. They include so much detail about regulation applicability and status that they’d be virtually impossible to reproduce any other way. By using these new capabilities, compliance pros will show their executives and Board members exactly how their activities translate to value for the entire organization. As a result, they’re more likely to earn mindshare, buy-in, and credibility – and secure the resources they need to have the compliance function they want.”

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High-Level Reports for Senior Leadership ​​
These reports allow organizations to track their progress quickly and easily against their volume of regulations and associated regulatory work, and sort it by department and status. This helps users see how and when regulations are received by the organization, evaluate which departments are impacted the most, recognize compliance achievements, and realize opportunities for improvement.
Requirement Overdue Detail Report
Detailed Reports for Oversight by Compliance Teams
These reports equip compliance teams with all the information they need to know to effectively communicate, act on, monitor, and focus organizational compliance efforts.
Requirements by Department Overview
Detailed Report for Oversight by Department Leaders
These reports enable department leaders to easily monitor regulatory assignments and manage regulatory work from start to finish.

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