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compliance and human resources HR, lisa herota

Integrating Compliance into Human Resources Processes   

“The secret to my success in reinforcing the value of Compliance’s work comes from partnering with HR. Developing standard interview questions, building leadership competencies, and sticking your neck out to establish strong relationships across the organization are crucial to demonstrating how Compliance delivers value.” – Lisa Herota

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maeve o'neill unbilled services

Uncovering $9 Million in Unbilled Services   

“My success in uncovering millions of dollars in unbilled services demonstrates how revenue protection is a tangible way Compliance delivers value to healthcare organizations. It also underscores how compliance professionals make an impact across the business through building relationships, shaping culture, preventing fines, and positioning Compliance as true partner.” – Maeve O’Neill

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jerry ensuring private information is protected blog

Ensuring Private Information Stays Private  

“Privacy can make or break an organization. For healthcare systems in particular, it’s essential to lock down data … there are two sides to privacy: the positive benefit side and penalty side ….” – Jerry Shafran, CEO and Founder of YouCompli

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jay anstine compliance champions

How to Create Champions of Healthcare Compliance   

From fostering a culture of accountability to providing robust training programs, this insightful piece offers practical steps to enhance compliance, reduce risks, and ensure patient safety. Discover how organizations can navigate the complex regulatory environment and cultivate a workforce committed to upholding the highest standards of compliance. Read the full article for a comprehensive roadmap to success in healthcare compliance.

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complexities of covered entities shawn degroot

Complexities of Covered Entities and Business Associates 

Due to their violations of patient rights, covered entities and business associates are now facing increasing enforcement actions. In a breach, both parties bear financial and reputational risk. Shawn DeGroot recommends proactive compliance officers prioritize their agreements based on risk, establish communication channels, and collaborate on risk analysis to protect their organization.

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sharon parsley reasons for healthcare risk assessments

The Why, What, Who, and When of Healthcare Risk Assessments  

Healthcare risk assessments are essential for patient safety and compliance. By understanding the why, what, who, and when of risk assessments, healthcare organizations ensure high-quality care in a safe environment. In this article, Sharon Parsley discusses risk assessment from a “why, what who, and when” perspective. She also looks at ways that you, as an effective compliance officer, can lead this process with your colleagues.

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build a healthy compliance culture jay anstine

Limit Second-Hand Stress to Help Build a Healthy Compliance Culture in Healthcare 

In the complex and demanding field of healthcare, maintaining a healthy compliance culture is crucial to ensure quality care and mitigate risks. However, an often overlooked aspect of building such a culture is the impact of second-hand stress on healthcare professionals. This article delves into ways to properly manage second-hand stress and maintain a healthy compliance culture.

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cj wolf anti kickback statute in healthcare

Anti-Kickback Statute Enforcement in Healthcare 

The recent surge in healthcare fraud has prompted heightened enforcement of the Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS). Government agencies are cracking down on illegal financial arrangements that jeopardize patient care. This article explores the significance of AKS enforcement, the impact on healthcare providers, and strategies for compliance in an evolving regulatory landscape.

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