Compliance Training…On-The-Fly

Simplify Compliance Training

One of the biggest potential challenges for any organization is the pace of change within compliance.

Often, these changes create the need to quickly build and deliver regulatory training to large or small groups of staff.

That may sound easy, but it’s not.

  • Creating the content takes a lot of your time
  • Trying to get people together for a compliance “session” is like herding cats
  • Dumping a bunch of generic content into an LMS system is usually counterproductive
  • Keeping track of it all in spreadsheets and emails is challenging

A large health system in California had 10 days to create, deliver, and complete training their pharmacy techs on a new privacy waiver they had received.

They turned to youCompli’s Compliance Portal.

The portal gave them everything they needed to quickly, effectively complete the work.
We’ve attached a one-page case-study if you’re interested in learning more.

Training case study

See YouCompli in Action

Easier, faster, more effective compliance is possible