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Georgia Hospital Health Services Identifies Regulatory Change Management as Area of Concern for Membership

Atlanta Georgia, June 4, 2018 — Compliance Roundtable Members Discuss Need For More Efficient Methods Of Managing Regulatory Changes

Recently, a compliance roundtable focus group was assembled to discuss challenges associated with managing regulatory changes. In response to the needs identified by our hospital members, Georgia Hospital Health Services (GHHS), a Georgia Hospital Association subsidiary, is pleased to announce it has entered into a strategic partnership with YouCompli. The YouCompli software platform streamlines and simplifies the process of managing regulatory changes.

The YouCompli system helps ensure GHA members won’t waste time on regulations that don’t matter to them. The regulations that are important to them are translated into business requirements (the specific activities that are required to comply).  After validation by Horty Springer (a nationally recognized law firm), the requirements are delivered in a workflow software GHA members will use to ensure the requirements are completed.

GHA Senior Vice President of Business Operations Bill Wylie said, “Our industry is one of the most highly regulated and our members are managing more regulatory complexity every day.” Wylie added, “We believe the YouCompli system will be a valuable resource they can use to simplify their regulatory burden.”

YouCompli Founder & CEO Jerry Shafran said, “GHA understands the tremendous drain on resources hospitals encounter from managing regulatory risk.” He continued, “Compliance professionals are always being asked to do more with less. YouCompli’s value proposition and business model provides a much more effective way to manage today’s challenging regulatory landscape.   

About GHA

Founded in 1929, GHA serves more than 170 hospitals in Georgia and promotes the health and welfare of the public through the development of better hospital care for all Georgia’s citizens. The mission of GHA is to advance the health of individuals and communities by serving as the leading advocate for all Georgia hospitals and healthcare systems. GHA represents its members before the General Assembly and Congress, as well as state and federal regulatory agencies, and is an allied member of the American Hospital Association. For more information, please call 770-249-4500 or visit

GHHS, Inc. is a for-profit subsidiary of the Georgia Hospital Association.  Founded in 1989, GHHS serves member hospitals by offering various types of programs.  GHHS may either create a program to serve a membership need; exclusively market a program for GHA members; endorse services and assist in creating awareness plans.   Programs may also be placed in product lines.   All programs typically offer a discounted rate and/or additional benefits not readily available to non-member hospitals.  GHHS subjects each potential program to a rigorous due diligence process and partners only with companies and programs that are of high quality, provide a benefit to our members, and fit within GHA’s strategic plan.

About YouCompli

YouCompli is the 1st if-its-kind healthcare focused, regulatory knowledge sharing platform. The platform allows hospitals to streamline their compliance processes, mitigate their regulatory risk, and same time and money in the process. YouCompli’s compliance experts translate new healthcare regulations into business requirement. After review by a nationally recognized law firm, the requirements are delivered to the healthcare provider in a software that helps them ensure the regulatory requirements are completed.

For more Information contact Heather Becinski   at 412-248-1200 or or visit