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Press Release Announcing Transformative Compliance Platform


Pittsburgh-based youCompli focusing on healthcare regulations

Pittsburgh, August 18, 2016 – Healthcare providers are under tremendous pressure to reduce their administrative costs. Although critically important, regulatory compliance is often an area where this pressure is most intense. Jerry Shafran, a serial technology entrepreneur, has established youCompli. This first-of-its-kind software platform introduces aspects of the sharing economy to the challenges associated with healthcare compliance. Healthcare providers need access to compliance expertise and tools to perform compliance-related activities, and youCompli provides those resources at a fraction of the cost healthcare organizations currently pay for compliance-related services.

“youCompli is a game changer in the regulatory world and is intended to produce the massive degree of disruption that Uber and Lyft are causing the transportation industry,” says Mr. Shafran. “Historically, compliance professionals apply their knowledge to a single regulated organization — their employers. For the first time ever, compliance-related knowledge can be created and then re-used by multiple organizations. Through youCompli, healthcare providers can relieve or eliminate ‘pain points’ related to the translation, communication, execution and reporting of regulatory requirements.”

Prior to establishing youCompli, Mr. Shafran founded Compliance Assurance Corporation to help insurance industry professionals understand and interpret federal and state

regulations. Last year, the company was sold to North Carolina-based Falfurrias Capital. He also founded Ceeva, which provides managed software services to clients in a wide range of business sectors.

How youCompli Works

Using youCompli software is a straightforward process. First, the Expert Compliance Professional (ECP) uploads the regulation. Then, using a step-by-step process, the ECP translates the regulation into business requirements. The requirements provide the regulated entity with the specific activities they must undertake to comply.

After a nationally recognized law firm reviews the requirement, youCompli transfers the requirement to its website (i.e., the marketplace), where multiple clients in the healthcare sector can purchase the same requirement. Once purchased, the client downloads the requirement into a custom built workflow management system and uses it as a checklist to ensure that the requirements have been completed. Every time a client buys a requirement, both the ECP and the law firm get paid.

According to Mr. Shafran, “Traditionally, the only client for an ECP’s work has been his or her employer. Because the employer only uses the work once, the ECP, no matter how skilled, is paid only once. Using our model, an ECP can earn an almost unlimited amount of money. Every time the requirement is purchased, the ECP gets paid. ”                     

About youCompli

youCompli is a software platform that allows compliance experts, and others with a talent for translating government regulations into business requirements, to sell the resulting documents to clients in the energy, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors through youCompli’s website. Contributors are paid each time a document they created is sold. Throughout 2016 and beyond, the company will expand the number of industries it covers. youCompli was founded by

Jerry Shafran, a serial technology entrepreneur, and is based in Pittsburgh.

For more information, or to inquire about becoming an ECP or a client, contact

Heather Becinski at 412.248.1200, x306, or hbecinski@ or visit