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US Hospitals Leverage YouCompli to Simplify One-off Training Programs

Pittsburgh – YouCompli, the nation’s only healthcare compliance software with built-in legal analysis and expert tools, today revealed how one of the largest integrated managed-care consortiums in the US is using YouCompli to publish and manage a subset of its internal training programs. The full story is published in a new case study on YouCompli’s website.

This healthcare organization was facing lost revenue and significant operational obstacles that could only be resolved with an immediate rollout of critical stop-gap training. The long-term YouCompli client elected to repurpose YouCompli’s survey functionality to distribute and manage this series of critical training programs because it required a faster rollout than could be supported by their learning management system.

“Our clients have had great success using YouCompli to execute and track their ‘micro’ training programs,” said Jerry Shafran, Founder and CEO of YouCompli. “YouCompli doesn’t replace an organization’s LMS, but not every internal training program warrants a full-blown LMS-driven course. We’re helping our clients maximize the value of YouCompli and quickly and easily launch mini training programs that relate to their regulatory compliance initiatives.”

Due to unexpected changes to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), this healthcare organization was temporarily unable to collect credit card payments at any of its pharmacies nationwide. This created a clear problem for revenue and patient service and so a quick resolution was paramount.

Every day, this managed-care consortium uses YouCompli to quickly and confidently respond to regulatory changes and to prove they’ve fulfilled their obligations. Their recent use of YouCompli to manage their micro training needs exemplifies a growing trend in using YouCompli to one-off training programs as part of an organization’s regulatory change management.

YouCompli is the only company tackling the healthcare compliance burden from both sides: knowing what to do and getting the work done. Our healthcare compliance software combines regulatory analysis from our compliance experts within a regulatory workflow designed for simplicity.

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