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YouCompli Delivers Unprecedented Compliance Transparency with its Release of New Board-Level Reporting Tools

Pittsburgh – YouCompli, the nation’s only healthcare compliance software with built-in legal analysis and expert tools, today released upgraded reporting features to simplify the generation of board-level reports and budget projection reports. The enhanced technology gives healthcare compliance officers unprecedented transparency into the integrity of their regulatory response and realtime insight into their compliance posture. This new functionality was automatically rolled out to all YouCompli clients last night.

“Compliance pros are under extreme pressure to output reports on investigation updates, new risks, compliance fitness, and even the stakeholders who are impeding progress,” said Jerry Shafran, Founder and CEO of YouCompli. “Our clients make a couple of clicks and they have a comprehensive view of every regulation they care about and what’s been done – or not done – to comply.”

YouCompli helps users to slice-and-dice all of the data pertaining to their compliance position based on whatever factors are important to them, such as the status of all regulations pertaining to RevCycle or how many regulatory requirements have been completed by each functional department. YouCompli includes standard and customizable reports to instantly prove the right people have taken the right actions on the relevant regulations. Custom reports summarize critical metrics to share with boards or regulators, such as the rate of completion of regulatory obligations, the status of open regulations in each functional area, and evidence of actions taken in good faith to achieve compliance.

YouCompli is the only company tackling the healthcare compliance burden from both sides: knowing what to do and getting the work done. Our healthcare compliance software combines regulatory analysis from our compliance experts within a regulatory workflow designed for simplicity.

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