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YouCompli Obtains It’s First Physician Group Practice Clients

PITTSBURGH, September 3, 2019 – YouCompli, the provider of a software platform that  translates government regulations into business requirements, has begun serving a trio of physician group practices, including, the nation’s largest independent primary care practice group (name not disclosed), which has more than 70 offices nationwide; Tulane University Medical Group, a multi-specialty practice associated with Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans; and Seaview Orthopaedic and Medical Associates, a New Jersey-based practice with multiple locations and more than 20 physicians.  The agreements broaden YouCompli’s market focus, which had previously been on hospitals and healthcare systems exclusively.

“Physician practice groups are under increased pressure to reduce costs while providing their patients with the highest levels of care,” says Jerry Shafran, CEO and founder of YouCompli. “A significant part of that cost mitigation strategy is complying with regulations without getting bogged down by them. YouCompli delivers a compliance solution that helps to minimize risk while offering peace of mind to physicians and other healthcare professionals in group practices.”

How YouCompli Works

Using YouCompli software is a straightforward process. After a short implementation process, healthcare providers are notified when a new regulatory requirement is published.   The requirements include everything the provider needs, including regulatory tasks, and policies and procedures required to comply.

The software also allows users to assign tasks to responsible parties within the organization and provides users with tools to implement the requirements. Additionally, YouCompli allows physicians, other healthcare professionals, as well as practice management executives, to maintain real-time visibility of implementation activities and correct any deficiencies before they become serious.

About YouCompli

YouCompli is a software company that has created a like-named platform that translates government regulations into business requirements for physician group practices, healthcare systems, and hospitals. The company was founded four years ago by Jerry Shafran, a serial technology entrepreneur, and is based in Pittsburgh. For more information, contact Heather Becinski at 412.248.1200 x306 or or visit