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Revenue Integrity

Revenue leakage stemming from non-compliance with regulations exposes your organization to compliance risks and potential penalties 

In today’s healthcare environment, providers are grappling with escalating costs and tightening profit margins. Labor shortages, operational complexities, and inadequate regulatory compliance processes also block revenue integrity goals.

A whopping 64%* of all regulations deal directly with revenue cycle, billing and finance. And most providers lack an effective system or process to monitor, assess, and validate compliance with those regulations. As a result, these organizations leave themselves open to significant risks – not to mention significant revenue leakage.

Effective regulatory compliance requires 4 steps: 

  1. Knowing the regulation changed. 
  2. Deciding if it matters to your organization.  
  3. Determining what the regulation requires and completing it.  
  4. Having the ability to demonstrate what was done. 

YouCompli is the only healthcare compliance software combining actionable, regulatory analysis with a simple Software as a Service (SaaS) workflow. Our compliance experts distill the complex regulatory changes issued byevery healthcare regulatorinto a straightforward action plan that is completed within the YouCompli software platform. Our platform intelligence and technology protect the whole organization, helping put revenue cycle professionals and compliance officers at ease.  

Your organization’s revenue relies on compliance. In 15 minutes, you can learn how to improve your revenue integrity. Contact us by submitting a form to request a demo or by phone at 412-248-1200, for immediate assistance. 

*An average based on all federal, one state, and one Medicare Administrative Contractor 

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