3 Ways To Minimize The “Compliance Effect”

As compliance professionals, you have all experienced the “compliance effect”. This is when you enter a meeting, elevator, or other business setting and things get a little quiet. The tension goes up…just a little bit. Sales people often deal with similar situations, so using sales strategies can help solve the problem.

So how can compliance professionals act more like sales (crazy, I know)? Here are three ways.

1) Build social relationships – Adopt a view that work is a place you spend half your waking life; it’s an opportunity to build social relationships. Try to find common interests. When you visit a colleague’s work area “steal with your eyes”- looking for clues that allow you to have more comfortable conversations.

For some, building new social relationships can be a little awkward, but keep in mind today’s close friends were once strangers.

2) Be an effective listener – This is actually a science. If you Google it, you’ll be amazed at the volume of info available on the subject.

Usually people focus their attention on their own views in conversation. Effective listening compensates for this tendency by focusing on others’ views.

3) Be Caring – Conventional wisdom tells us that caring does not belong in business, I disagree. Genuinely caring about your colleagues provides the opportunity to understand their challenges.

One great way to create a more caring environment is to celebrate milestones. Celebrating milestones (birthdays, anniversaries) with a simple card or an email (card is better) shows we can celebrate the little things that really bring us together.

Every interaction we have is an opportunity to build positive relationships with others. Put these tips into practice and maybe you will see less of the compliance effect and more relationship effectiveness.