Are You Undervaluing Your Knowledge?

Your ability to perform a task has value.  Historically that ability is valued based on several factors.  One of the most significant factors is the amount of time it takes to complete the task. 

This has created a paradigm where often we gauge our worth based on time. How much time it takes to complete a project is how we value the price of the project. When employed by a company or organization, in effect, we sell them our time.  We agree to take an amount of time and practically apply our knowledge to complete tasks in that order. 

Unfortunately, this model is limiting.

You see, your knowledge is valuable, not just inside of your company, but outside of those walls as well. There is a false sense of containment in your knowledge, limited by it’s ability to be used by only one entity. In some cases today, that isn’t true. For instance, in developing regulatory content. You can sell it not just to one outlet, but to many. 

Knowledge is the same way. Are you undervaluing your knowledge and its value in the market? New models related to how we work and earn money are being created.  How can you scale the knowledge you currently use, to earn money for yourself?