Innovation is Hot at HCCA Compliance Institute

The hot topic this year at the Health Care Compliance Association’s Compliance Institute, is innovation. Speakers who begin talking about anything from ethics and culture to the latest news, all seem to make their way to the role innovation plays at every level. And we agree.

Compliance Best Practices Include Finding Innovative Solutions

In fact, we couldn’t agree more. In this digital age, we find our day to day workload lightened by innovative solutions. Why shouldn’t our compliance practices? It’s invigorating. It’s just 2 days in, but we’re thrilled to be here and hope to meet other colleagues who share this point of view.

When we founded youCompli, we set out to make the entire process — from keeping up with regulation changes to implementing them — as easy as possible. We take pride in our innovative approach and have been delighted with our fellow compliance professionals’ response.

We all Share a Passion for Taking Care of People

Of course it’s always so good to be able to discuss the common values that drive us all — helping people! If we haven’t met yet, please stop by Booth #322. And if you’re not attending HCCA CI, let’s meet virtually – just request your 10-minute demo and we’ll look forward to meeting you and answering your questions, virtually.

youCompli makes complying with regulatory changes EasierFaster and Reliable

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