Month: January 2016

Are You Leveraging Your Most Valuable Asset?  

We’ve all heard of Uber, Ebay, Airbnb. You may use them. These services are part of what is often referred to as the sharing economy, collaborative consumption or, as I recently read “Ubernomics”. The basic concept is pretty simple: leveraging

Me Inc. – The Sharing Economy Comes to Compliance

When most folks think of the shared economy (if they think of it at all) they think of ride-sharing, or graphic design. There is another type of “sharing” that, as it takes hold, will change the way compliance professionals do

A Gift…Especially if You’re a Compliance Professional.

Today we are announcing the next evolution of compliance; uCompli   uCompli provides compliance professionals with professional freedom and unlimited financial opportunity.    Regulated companies will be able to comply with efficiency and confidence with uCompli. What ridesharing apps did for driving,