Me Inc. – The Sharing Economy Comes to Compliance

When most folks think of the shared economy (if they think of it at all) they think of ride-sharing, or graphic design.

There is another type of “sharing” that, as it takes hold, will change the way compliance professionals do work. It is the sharing of a knowledge worker’s talent and time.

In my previous company, compliance professionals working from home, translated regulations into business requirements which were loaded into software. The software electronically delivered the requirements to insurance companies all over the US and Canada.

Their ability to electronically share their knowledge, gave them the flexibility to work where and when they wanted.

Studies have shown that by 2020 40% of the workforce is projected to be independent. The ability one has to tap in and connect their talent, will have a direct effect on their work. This new model brings the work to the worker.

Compliance professionals currently working in cubes or offices will give way to co-working spaces or working from home (or wherever you want). Work is evolving, we will be asked to re-imagine what happens when our entire work life is available to us on a laptop or mobile device.