Not All COVID-19 Regulations Are Created Equal

You’re struggling to keep up with all the regulatory changes that COVID-19 has created.

Many of these changes have been short and straightforward… but not all of them.

After analyzing one CMS reg (85 FR 27550), we created a 19-page policy document!

The reg’s primary purpose expanded the range of practitioners who can order — and thus be compensated by Medicare and Medicaid — home health services. It also covers a wide range of other revisions for testing, telehealth, medical equipment, and so on.

Our system broke the regulation down into its core requirements — that is, the pieces of the reg that healthcare compliance and clinical professionals need to know about. Then it was reassembled into this document and placed in an order that makes sense.

You can view the whole document by clicking this link.

Every change to a previous procedure is highlighted in red, and it includes hyperlinks to skip around.

Everything is written in clear language, so it’s easy to follow and implement.

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