Three Ways to Take a Service-Minded Approach to Compliance

jay anstine - service minded approach

“We’re continually being asked for advice to help our healthcare leaders. Essentially, we are acting as a customer service representative. For that reason, if you want to improve the culture of compliance and get those leaders’ buy-in, then make sure you’re delivering great service when consulting to them.”

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Telehealth Enforcement Actions

telehealth enforcement cj wolf

“It behooves all healthcare compliance professionals to be aware of the fraud, waste and abuse risks associated with telehealth services. This mode of delivery holds great promise. For it to fulfill that promise, non-compliance needs to be rooted out and corrected.”

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How to Create Champions of Healthcare Compliance   

jay anstine compliance champions

From fostering a culture of accountability to providing robust training programs, this insightful piece offers practical steps to enhance compliance, reduce risks, and ensure patient safety. Discover how organizations can navigate the complex regulatory environment and cultivate a workforce committed to upholding the highest standards of compliance. Read the full article for a comprehensive roadmap to success in healthcare compliance.

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Complexities of Covered Entities and Business Associates 

complexities of covered entities shawn degroot

Due to their violations of patient rights, covered entities and business associates are now facing increasing enforcement actions. In a breach, both parties bear financial and reputational risk. Shawn DeGroot recommends proactive compliance officers prioritize their agreements based on risk, establish communication channels, and collaborate on risk analysis to protect their organization.

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Limit Second-Hand Stress to Help Build a Healthy Compliance Culture in Healthcare 

build a healthy compliance culture jay anstine

In the complex and demanding field of healthcare, maintaining a healthy compliance culture is crucial to ensure quality care and mitigate risks. However, an often overlooked aspect of building such a culture is the impact of second-hand stress on healthcare professionals. This article delves into ways to properly manage second-hand stress and maintain a healthy compliance culture.

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