CMS Does It Again

What an October!  In addition to all the Halloween fun, we processed over 100 new regulatory changes last month.

They covered both state and federal regulators and came in all shapes and sizes, but one stands out.

CMS decided to lump together seemingly unrelated concepts covering everything from multi-hospital QAPI programs and critical access hospitals to long-term care and autopsy services.

(84 FR 51732)

We’re experts at dealing with these large complex regs and I thought I would share a hint on how to deal with them more effectively.

We find it helpful to break the reg into more meaningful chunks. To do this start by analyzing the summary, you’ll usually find it in the preamble to most large regs.  That summary typically lists the different areas the regulator has targeted with a particular change.

Next group the different areas that tend to make sense (grouping should be done based on your organization’s structure)  into one “chunk,” while separating out the disparate areas into their own “chunk”. Breaking down a large regulation this way allows us to:

  1. Pinpoint the individual functional areas of an organization being affected;
  2. Tune in to specific issues involved with each functional area of an organization; and
  3. Ensure an easy-to-understand business requirement is a result.

84 FR 51732 was a real “bear”, it resulted in 10 different business requirements.

If your organization is faced with a similar complex regulation, you too might benefit from breaking it down into smaller projects or “chunks” to ensure it is effectively implemented into your organization’s policies and procedures…or…let us do the work for you!

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