“Compliance Magic”


Determine If Any New Regulation Matters To You, Without Reading It!

During a demo, a prospect referred to a part of our system as “Compliance Magic”.  I asked her what she meant…she answered; “I can decide if a regulation matters to me (or not) without having to read it; it’s like magic”, I grinned like a Cheshire cat.

Pennsylvania’s “Right To Try Law provides a great opportunity for us to provide an example of this “magic”.

Without youCompli (if you’re not sure it’s relevant) you’re probably printing the new Regulation grabbing a yellow pad and starting to read.

Step 1: Is it Relevant To Me? (You my know this..or you may not)

When you read it, you’re looking for the parameters in the law that will help you decide if the regulation is relevant to you.

youCompli provides the parameters for you (we call these Relevance Questions). Here’s the Relevance Questions for Right to Try.

These questions seem pretty straightforward, but to answer the first one accurately you need to know what a “licensed health care facility” is in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  youCompli provided it; we call this a “Tip”.

OK, now you’re ready to make your decision; Relevant or Irrelevant.

As I mentioned this example is straightforward, but as you know these relevance questions can get pretty complex.  Simple or complex we do this on every new healthcare regulation.

This info is provided to you (at no cost) on every new regulation.  You may not need it, you may already know that Right To Try applies to you.  But if you don’t, this would sure save you a lot of time.

Want to see this “magic”, drop me a note to arrange a demo jshafran@youcompli.com


Step 2: OK, it’s relevant to me.  What am I required to do to comply (STAY TUNED)