Frustration With Flying Can Improve Compliance

I hate when I’m on a flight that is delayed and they don’t explain to me why.   I marvel at people who can sit quietly resting their eyes or reading a book; I can’t.   I grind my teeth, fidget, and am generally miserable.  I want to know why we are delayed.

Most of the time the pilot doesn’t tell…and it drives me nuts.  I feel demeaned, and frustrated.  My guess is many of you share my feelings.

My frustration provides a great lesson for compliance professionals looking to build a culture of compliance.

Share information as much as possible.

When someone explains their rationale for a decision they validate that their decision affects me.   The non-verbal message is I matter; everyone likes to matter.

A compliance environment that enables and encourages transparency and open communication (sharing) will go a long way toward fostering trust and building that compliance culture all compliance professionals seek.