How I Became a Confident Compliance Officer

As the sole compliance professional in my hospital, my role preceded me. When clinicians saw me rounding a corner, they seemed to avert their eyes and look at the floor. Department heads? The same.

I understood why. I brought extra work: go to websites, read regulations and print things off; re-invent policies; re-evaluate codes, and the list goes on.

I distracted them from doing what they loved… delivering patient care.

Then YouCompli changed all that. It revolutionized our regulatory processes and helped ensure our compliance. It was exactly what I wished for – an empowering solution to manage the ever-growing number of healthcare regulation changes.

YouCompli Changed My Life. Ok, even I admit this sounds dramatic. But it’s kind of true.

Since bringing on YouCompli, I have become a regulatory change management heroine. Now I approach my colleagues with a crowd-pleasing ice breaker: “You don’t have to read regulations anymore.”

With YouCompli, it’s like getting a team of experts, all wrapped up in easy-to-use software. YouCompli lets me:

  • Instantly decide if a new reg matters to me
  • Understand what needs to be done to complete our compliance
  • Make specific, written policies & procedures changes

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