Minimize Regulatory Impact On Patient Care

New regulations are a fact of life in healthcare. But the head of your pharmacy or lab or revenue cycle department just wants to focus on patient care – not reading new regulations.

How would they react if you told them they can comply with ALL new regs without having to read them?

Recently, the Oregon Association of Hospitals & Health Systems (OAHHS) released a report showing that acute care inpatient hospitals must comply with over 2,000 rules created by the state (and that’s JUST the state).

Clinical workers usually bear the most responsibility when states (and others) pass new regulations. Clinical staff must:

  • Assess a new regulation’s relevance to the organization,
  • Determine what steps need to be taken to comply, and
  • Implement the steps required to comply.

This creates big headaches for these folks, as it takes their time away from what they actually want to do: providing care.  Meet youCompli. youCompli software monitors, reads and translates regulations into easy-to-understand business requirements.  The requirements are delivered to the responsible party and you can keep track of all of it.

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