Regulatory Rolodex

You’re responsible for creating and maintaining a culture of compliance in your organization.  You need to embed compliance into everyday workflows and set expectations for individual behavior across your organization.

This is impossible if you don’t know who the right people are in each area of your organization.

What you need is a Regulatory Rolodex©, youCompli has one and you can have it for FREE.

We use this tool to identify and track 2 different types of individuals in each area of your organization.

  • The person responsible for doing regulatory change work
  • The person responsible for higher-level oversight to ensure the regulatory work gets done

youCompli delivers new regulatory requirements to both types of people (and to the compliance department) inside our software.  This allows the compliance department to have complete visibility into the whole compliance process.

To get your free copy of the Regulatory Rolodex© provide the info below and we’ll send it to you.

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Interested in seeing how youCompli automates the whole regulatory compliance process?

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