Understanding Regulish

Do you have someone in your healthcare practice who can read and translate Regulish?

No that’s not a typo, we meant to type Regulish.

Regulish is the “language” healthcare regulators use to communicate with you. It includes a series of long complex words, phrases and numbers…lots of numbers.

Regulish is difficult to read and even harder to understand. (picture to the right is Klingon)

Most healthcare employees can’t understand Regulish. When they look at a regulation it appears to be mostly gibberish. Reading it creates frustration, often leading the reader to ignoring it, thus increasing your regulatory risk.

youCompli’s compliance experts read and translate Regulish into easy-to-understand business requirements. The requirements include:

* The ability to instantly decide if the regulation matters to you

* The specific tasks you need to complete to comply

* Detailed policies and procedures you’ll use to easily comply

Take 10-minutes of your time and learn how you can comply with ALL new regulations without having to read anymore Regulish.

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