74 Federal Healthcare Regulatory Changes in January 2019 Alone

Yes, 74! 

Are you surprised?

In recent months, we’ve noticed two themes that challenge everyone managing regulatory changes:

First, regulatory changes are flooding into your organization in lots of different ways, to lots of different people; daily subscriptions, hospital associations, clinical associations, law firms, etc. This can be very chaotic. A compliance officer recently joked that she was often the last person to know when a regulatory change occurred. 

The comment we hear most often is, “It’s troubling… I don’t know what I don’t know.”

Even with what seems to be a sound process in place, many compliance officers recognize that their current way of working is not robust enough to encompass all of the organization’s actual needs.

Second, there is a simple misunderstanding about how often regulations change. One of the questions we get most often is “How many regulations would you send to us monthly?” The answer always catches them off guard.  

In January alone we processed 74 Federal healthcare regulations:

– First, our talented team of Expert Compliance Professionals (ECPs) tracked, read, analyzed and interpreted those regulations
– Then they created the tasks and tools for our customers to comply
– We shared this guidance to empower our customers to take action as needed

With youCompli, you and your team can stop the chaos of tracking and reading regulations and feel confident you have what you need to comply.

youCompli. The only regulatory change management solution that makes compliance
Easier, Faster and Reliable.

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