YouCompli Brings Unique Value-Creating Compliance Technology to Healthcare Payers 

YouCompli, the leading provider of SaaS healthcare compliance solutions, today announced that its flagship platform is now available for use by the payer side of healthcare organizations. YouCompli is the only healthcare compliance solution in the market combining actionable regulatory analysis with a simple SaaS workflow. This one-two punch of intelligence and technology protects the whole organization and puts compliance officers at ease.  

“Compliance functions on the payer side of healthcare organizations remain challenged with increased rulemaking and regulations from state and federal regulators requiring new and innovate ways to proactively and efficiently support managing risk for their organizations,” said Jenny O’Brien, president of BlackBridge Advisors. “Now, with YouCompli, they can intake and aggregate the information they need the most, determine how it affects their organization and easily manage through whatever change and implementation processes are necessary. It ensures consistency around the process, helps promotes revenue generation and ultimately results in more effective and efficient processes to mitigate risk.” 

Despite often having limited resources at their disposal, payer-side compliance teams play a major role in mitigating their organization’s risk of audits, fines, disruptions and reputational damage. They must effectively:  

  • Be aware of, and monitor, changes in regulations from a variety of sources  
  • Keep track of operational guidance documents, such as HPMS memos from CMS  
  • Determine the applicability of new/updated/revised regulations and guidance documents to their organization  
  • Decide how operations across the organization need to evolve to comply with those regulatory changes  
  • Project manage those organizational change plans, and ensure any necessary system updates occur in a timely fashion  
  • Keep records of all actions, so they can prove compliance if/when audited 

These compliance teams have traditionally had to do as much of this work as they could manually. Not anymore. 

“Take it from our rapidly growing customer base – YouCompli creates value and simplifies compliance for providers and payers at healthcare organizations nationwide,” said Jerry Shafran, founder and CEO of YouCompli. “From one pane of glass, users can monitor new or revised regulations, determine their applicability to their organizations, implement legally validated workflows, assign tasks to their colleagues and have a paper trail of everything.” 

About YouCompli 

Founded in 2016, YouCompli offers the only healthcare compliance solution combining actionable, regulatory analysis, and a simple SaaS workflow. Its compliance experts distill the complex regulatory changes issued by every healthcare regulator into straightforward action plans validated by Horty Springer, the nation’s leading healthcare law firm. YouCompli’s solution then guides users through a simple workflow to assign, manage, and track the rollout and completion of regulatory requirements. This one-two punch of intelligence and technology protects the whole organization and puts compliance officers at ease.  

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Qualified compliance professionals do the heavy lifting for you, simplifying regulatory change management   

Our in-house team works tirelessly to monitor U.S. regulators, carefully read the regulations in their entirety, and translate the information into simple regulatory intelligence you can use. We deliver model procedures and expert tools that can be used to fulfill your business requirements. Everything is validated by a third-party law firm.   

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