Manage: Involve colleagues to ensure your organization complies with regulatory changes

Managing healthcare regulatory changes is a balancing act. Oftentimes, the Compliance department is responsible for regulatory oversight, project management, and support with individual departments handling the day-to-day management of regulatory requirements. This approach makes it difficult to involve the right people in a regulatory change process and to keep track of the steps they take to comply.

YouCompli helps you manage the whole process of responding to regulatory changes. With our simple tools you can easily plan your response, involve the right people, and track progress. (Read how YouCompli empowered the Compliance department to better manage regulatory change and deliver greater value to the hospital system.)

In this Clip Scott Borsuk explains how YouCompli helps manage regulatory changes by offering tools to assist in preparing and responding to new regulations.

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Jumpstart your response to regulatory changes

Once you’ve decided a regulation applies to your organization, use YouCompli to manage your response. YouCompli provides:

  • Clear business requirements and tasks: For every regulation you take on, YouCompli generates a complete set of legally validated business requirements, tasks, and deadlines
  • Sample documents: Our analysts write model procedures and tools to simplify your completion of the required task.  Download these legally validated expert tools and model procedures and customize them for your own organization.  
  • Specific roles for your colleagues: build a team for each regulatory change based on your actual needs. You can assign tasks to colleagues based on their functional area, their physical location, their role in the compliance initiative, and the nature of the regulation.

Involve the right people

  • Assignments and deadlines: Assign ownership and oversight of tasks to different department heads, functional leaders, or specialists. YouCompli prompts these users to accept, reject, or reassign the task by a stated deadline. All actions are logged in the system and the assigning party receives progress updates.
  • Task instructions: if a new regulation will require your organization to submit a form to a regulator and/or modify a procedure, YouCompli lays out the specific tasks to fulfill the requirement. Users simply follow the on-screen prompts to complete the tasks.
  • Accountability: If no action is taken by the deadline, YouCompli automatically follows up with the assigned parties. The task cannot be marked as complete until all required actions have been recorded in the system.

Manage and track the entire process

  • Real-time updates: YouCompli clearly displays the open, in progress, and completed tasks for the regulation as well as the responsible parties. Simply click into any task to review what’s been done and who still has work to do.
  • Email notifications: you can review the task to ensure it has been completed to your satisfaction. Complete audit trail of all the steps taken, including any uploaded files.
  • Status reports: Use standard and customizable reports to quickly show your progress toward complying with relevant regulations.

A complete regulatory change management solution

YouCompli is the only healthcare compliance solution that addresses all stages of regulatory change management. It helps you know what regulations are coming out from agencies you care about. It helps you decide whether those regulations and changes apply to you. It gives you the tools to manage your response to regulatory changes, and it makes it easy for you to verify that your organization put forth best efforts to stay in compliance.

Want a real-life example of regulatory change management supported by YouCompli? Read the case study of one West-Coast health system adapting to the public health emergency.