Month: March 2019

78 Pages. 1 Regulation. Analyzed by Experts in Days.

Compliance Experts

Final rule 42 CFR Part 59 is 78 pages long. Have you read it yet? How about your team? How long will it take? And then, will you feel confident in what actions you may take? Or is there another

How I Became a Confident Compliance Officer

As the sole compliance professional in my hospital, my role preceded me. When clinicians saw me rounding a corner, they seemed to avert their eyes and look at the floor. Department heads? The same. I understood why. I brought extra

74 Federal Healthcare Regulatory Changes in January 2019 Alone

Yes, 74!  Are you surprised? In recent months, we’ve noticed two themes that challenge everyone managing regulatory changes: First, regulatory changes are flooding into your organization in lots of different ways, to lots of different people; daily subscriptions, hospital associations, clinical