Complexities of Covered Entities and Business Associates 

complexities of covered entities shawn degroot

Due to their violations of patient rights, covered entities and business associates are now facing increasing enforcement actions. In a breach, both parties bear financial and reputational risk. Shawn DeGroot recommends proactive compliance officers prioritize their agreements based on risk, establish communication channels, and collaborate on risk analysis to protect their organization.

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The Why, What, Who, and When of Healthcare Risk Assessments  

sharon parsley reasons for healthcare risk assessments

Healthcare risk assessments are essential for patient safety and compliance. By understanding the why, what, who, and when of risk assessments, healthcare organizations ensure high-quality care in a safe environment. In this article, Sharon Parsley discusses risk assessment from a “why, what who, and when” perspective. She also looks at ways that you, as an effective compliance officer, can lead this process with your colleagues.

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Anti-Kickback Statute Enforcement in Healthcare 

cj wolf anti kickback statute in healthcare

The recent surge in healthcare fraud has prompted heightened enforcement of the Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS). Government agencies are cracking down on illegal financial arrangements that jeopardize patient care. This article explores the significance of AKS enforcement, the impact on healthcare providers, and strategies for compliance in an evolving regulatory landscape.

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10 Tips for Building a Compliance Culture in Healthcare

10 tips for building a strong healthcare compliance culture

The tips below explore how you can convince leaders that a strong compliance culture adds value to the organization. These best practices can help you establish a healthy compliance culture with effective training and measurement and, in turn, enable your organization to better manage and control risk.  

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